Franchise MATCHMAKING Services

1 in 3 candidates we introduce will become a franchisee

No cost to you until a franchise agreement is signed

What we do

Franchise Matchmaking Services (FMS) provide Franchisors with highly qualified franchisee candidates ready to invest. By the time you receive an introduction from FMS, the individual will:

  • understand what a franchise is;
  • know what is involved in running a franchise and following a system;
  • be aware of what funds are required and where to access them;
  • realise that a franchise agreement will govern the relationship;
  • have a good overview of your business.

How it works

“1 in 3 candidates we introduce to franchisors will become a franchisee.”

FMS only work with quality franchisors that are ethical and have a proven successful business model. We receive enquiries from a variety of sources. People who are looking to change what they are doing, but perhaps have never considered franchising, or have no idea what franchising involves.

We are looking to profile these individuals and help them to understand what they need to know. After all, many people investigating franchises often don’t know what they NEED to know.

There is no cost to them as they learn all about due diligence and how franchise businesses work. We will then introduce suitable candidates to the right franchisors who match their qualities, characteristics, aspirations and financial abilities.

The franchisor will then complete their journey and guide them through their own particular recruitment programme. The only time money is paid is once a candidate signs a franchise agreement. A commission or finders fee is then payable to FMS by the franchisor.

We can even work together with you to revitalise your old leads.

Why it works

Franchisors using our matchmaking service is a well proven model in the US used by at least 60% of franchisors.

It isn’t intended to replace your normal franchisee recruitment function. However, it sits nicely alongside your process and complements your relationship with the candidate, which ensures a very high conversion rate.

Is it viable?

Yes. That is why, in the birthplace of franchising (USA), successful franchisors often recruit 50% of their franchisees using this matchmaking service.

This process does not require any additional, upfront recruitment budget from the franchisor.

You simply pay once the franchise fee has been paid.

Although this service will not become the only source of your franchise sales, it will provide additional franchisees recruited from sources not covered or considered by the franchisor, or from places where the usual advertising methods would not work.

Benefits of working with us

You do not need to allocate any budget to this you simply pay a commission when the franchisee signs up and the franchise fee is paid.

You do not have to do any of the leg work qualifying the lead, including endless phone call attempts or follow ups.

FMS have “found” and qualified the individual and they have been through our process. They fully understand what franchising is about. They have been matched with the profile of your ideal franchisee.

By the time the candidate reaches you they understand what finances they need to have in place, how a franchise agreement works and have been presented with your business model.

Costs To Recruit a Franchisee

The cost of finding a franchisee in the conventional way involves some obvious, but also hidden costs.

Many franchisors do not fully factor in all of the costs involved to find one franchisee.

We help you to understand where these costs are .

Costs of Franchisee Recruitment:

  • Your total annual advertising budget to generate franchise enquiries divided by the number of franchisees you recruit per year
  • The annual cost of your franchise recruiter’s salary (including commissions, benefits, NI, expenses, etc) divided by the number of franchisees you recruit per year
  • The annual apportioned cost of any other people supporting the franchisee recruitment process (discovery days, meetings, exhibitions, awards, etc) divided by the number of franchisees you recruit per year

A worked example

Typical franchisee recruitment costs:

  • Your goal is to recruit ten franchisees a year
  • Your total advertising budget is £60,000 per year
  • You pay your recruiter a salary of £50,000 plus £1,000 commission per sale; plus associated benefits, NI & expenses estimated at £1,000 per month = £72,000 per year
  • The additional cost of any other people supporting the franchisee recruitment process (discovery days, meetings, exhibitions, awards, etc) = £1,000 per month

TOTAL COST per franchisee signed is £14,400 .

This is only if you sign 10 franchisees! Otherwise the cost goes up rapidly…

You have spent all of your allocated budget and you may also have been tempted to take on candidates that don’t fit your ideal profile just to hit targets, creating a weakened franchise network.

For example, if you only sign 7 franchisees, each franchisee now costs nearly £18,500!!

Benefits of using Franchise Matchmaking Services:

  • Totally risk-free
  • Advertising budget needed is £0
  • There are no monthly retainers or upfront fees
  • Success fee is only paid on RESULTS
  • Savings to the franchisor range between £4,000 – £8,500 per franchisee recruited

Franchise Matchmaking Services find, qualify, educate and introduce candidates to ethical franchisors.

    About us

    You may remember Matt O’Neil from his days of business ownership of Snack-in-the-Box Ltd, Head of Franchise Recruitment UK with the international award-winning brand Expense Reduction Analysts or his orchestration of the Franchise Seminars with Lloyds Bank and NatWest Bank.

    Matt is also the founder of Franchise Advisory Services Ltd & the website

    Matt has now teamed up with Dugan Aylen, founder of Franchise Recruitment Services Ltd (FRS) & and co-owner at The Franchising Centre (TFC) to form “Franchise Matchmaking Services” a new bespoke service for franchisors and people new to franchising. 

    Together they will be utilising their 40 years plus expertise in franchise recruitment. During this time Matt and Dugan have already helped match 1000’s of people with the correct franchise system. This new service will help people to find the right business for them and provide franchisors with highly qualified candidates. 

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